Technical Review Committee

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) was established by the Board of Commissioners in 1999 with the purpose of reviewing proposed developments for compliance with Town Ordinances. Site plan approval via the TRC is required for most non-residential developments, major residential subdivision, and/or multi-family new construction projects. This includes most new construction, additions, alternations or modifications to existing buildings, as well as a change in use that may occur within an existing building or site. As determined by the Planning Director, small construction projects may be exempted from TRC review.

The TRC process provides an opportunity for a development applicant and Town staff to discuss a proposed project. An engineer or architect may accompany the applicant to gain an understanding of environment, land use, building, and permit requirements and processes for the proposed project.

The TRC is a multi-agency committee consisting of staff members from Planning, Public Works, Police, Administration, and the Fire Department, as well as representatives from the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department. In addition, the Town contracts with Green Engineering who regularly participates in the TRC process for stormwater code compliance. The TRC group will review plans collectively to ensure projects are in compliance with local regulations.

Current Members of the Board are:

  • Julie Spriggs - Planning Department (Chair)
  • Mark Hetrick - Planning Department
  • Joe Moore - Administration
  • Tim Hayworth - Police Department
  • Chris Perry - Fire Department
  • Chris Ray - Public Works
  • City of Raleigh Public Utilities Representative
  • Wake County Stormwater Representative