Q: Can I speak at a Board meeting?
A: Yes.  At the regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners, which is the first Monday of every month, a public comment period is held.  You would need to sign up at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the Board meeting on the public comment sign in sheet.  Each person is given 3 minutes to make comments to the Board.  Minutes cannot be shared between speakers, and a total of 15 minutes is allotted for public comments.  No speaker can speak on a public hearing item or any item that would need to be discussed during a closed session.  If you have questions please contact Lisa Markland at 919/823-1800.

Q: How can I get placed on the agenda to make a presentation to the Board of Commissioners?
A: Contact Lisa Markland at 919/823-1800. 

Q: 911: When to Call
A: Our citizens should not hesitate to call 911 whenever they need a Police Officer. But remember ALL calls needing a Police Officer (no matter big or how small the need) response should go through 911.

Q: Who do I call if I have a question about my water/sewer/garbage bill?
A: You can call the City of Raleigh at 919/890-3245.

Q: How do I purchase a cemetery plot?
A: The Town owns and operates one cemetery, located on Cemetery Drive
(accessible via Whitley Street or Gill Street). Cemetery plots (2 spaces) are $850.  A limited number of plots are available. For more information, call 919/269-7455, ext. 1806.

Q: How do I get a copy of a police report?
A: If you are a party to a police report or an accident report you can get a copy of your report by coming to the Police Department during our regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). You should wait at least five (5) business days from the incident to ensure that the report has been approved and has been entered into the computer. Copies of reports are $5.00 per copy. If your report is an accident report you may want to let your insurance copy obtain the copy of the report as a routine part of their investigation.

Q: How do I get a police officer to speak at my civic, faith, school or local function?
A: “See Speaker Bureau under programs”

Q: Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?
A: No, we do not fill swimming pools. Contact the Raleigh Public Works Dept. at 919/250-2737 regarding this request.

Q: Can I burn things inside the Town limits of Zebulon?
A: The only way you are able to burn things in the Town Limits of Zebulon is for a warming fire in the winter or a recreational fire on your property. This would include fire pits and chimneys. The only item that can be burned is natural vegetation. Any processed wood cannot be burned. Processed wood would be 2x4’s, any type of wood that you would use for construction purposes.

Q: How do I get a burning permit to burn outside of the Town limits?
A: Burning permits for burning outside the town limits can be obtained at the Zebulon Fire Station, or on the Department of Forestry Services’ website at http://ncforestservice.gov/burn_permits/burn_permits_main.htm. They can be issued for 30 days. If you are doing a large burn, it is suggested that you alert the Fire Department in advance at 919/269-6487, and of course, if the fire gets out of hand, call 911. 

Q: Can I get free mulch from the Town?
A: Each year, Public Works makes mulch from tree limbs collected during the weekly yardwaste pickup. Any excess mulch is made available to the residents of Zebulon while it lasts. Residents should come by Public Works, located at 450 East Horton Street, to sign a release form permitting home delivery of the mulch. 

Q: When is yardwaste pickup scheduled for my street?
A: Yardwaste pickup occurs every 2 weeks. Please see our Waste Removal webpage for a link to the calendar and map. Printed copies of the calendar/map are available at Town Hall and at Public Works.

Q: I have some bulky items which will not fit in my garbage cart. Will the Town pick up these items?
A: If you have large bulky trash, such as furniture or appliances, which cannot be picked up with your regular trash, please place the items on the right-of-way before 7:00 a.m. on Friday for pickup by public works staff. Please be sure to place items away from power lines, trees and mailboxes. This service is provided to all residential dwellings at no additional charge. However, the Town will not pick up items that cannot be taken to the landfill.

Q: Who can I call to get help with a possible foreclosure on my home?
A: You can contact the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency at 919-877-5700 or go to their website at www.NCForeclosurePrevention.gov