The Detective Division of the Zebulon Police Department falls within the Office of Special Investigation which is commanded by Lieutenant K.S. Finch. The Detective Division is made up of four Detectives. The day to day operations of the Detective Division is supervised by a Detective Sergeant A. Dixon. Though the volume of cases in any one area is not high enough to permit complete specialization, the division has detectives who excel in the areas of fraud investigations, crimes against children, narcotic and organized crime investigations.

The Detective Division conducts criminal follow-up investigations and initiates investigations involving vice, drugs, gangs, organized crime, crimes against persons, and property crimes. To maximize effectiveness, the department uses solvability factors in assignment of cases. Cases that meet certain criteria are assigned for follow-up. However, each case is reviewed to consider special circumstances. This allows detectives to spend more time on cases that stand a greater likelihood of being solved.

For more information contact Lieutenant Finch at 919-823-1825 or email

Detective Sergeant A. Dixon at 919-823-1827 or email

Detective  C. Ziencik  at 919-823-1821 or email

Detective D. Wanamaker at 919-823-1829 or email