Mission Statement

The Traffic Enforcement Unit is responsible for educating our community and enforcing all state and local motor vehicle laws. Through enforcement and education, we strive to reduce the number of vehicle crashes that occur within the Town of Zebulon. The Traffic Enforcement Unit Officers are responsible for the investigation of all major vehicle crashes, traffic complaints, specific traffic enforcement, and education of the community in safety programs. Traffic Enforcement Officers are specially trained in detecting motorists suspected of driving while impaired, enforcement of Seatbelt/Child Safety Laws, as well as the enforcement of all motor vehicle laws. The Traffic Enforcement Unit works closely with state supported agencies and programs such as the Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP), Click it or Ticket, No Need 2 Speed, and Booze and Lose it campaigns. The Zebulon Police Department is dedicated to protecting the safety and welfare of our community, Citizens, and keeping our town safe by enforcing and educating the public on motor vehicle laws of our state.

 For more information contact Officer T. Denny at 919-823-1831 or email tdenny@townofzebulon.org.