Mission Statement

Zebulon Police Canine Unit is responsible for narcotics detection, article searches and scent tracking of criminals and missing persons. The Police canine is a vital tool in the enforcement of narcotics trafficking by being able to detect contraband that would have gone undetected by the human officer. K-9 Officers and their partners are often called to assist in searching for missing persons, such as elderly persons who have wandered off or for tracking persons who fled the scene of a crime. Our canine is also trained to be able to be carried into schools for education purposes and also for the detection of contraband in school lockers and classrooms. K-9 Officers and their partners go through an extensive certification process in which each K-9 is certified in individual fields such as Obedience, Narcotics Detection, Tracking and even building searches. K-9 handlers and their partners also do a specified amount of training monthly to keep the skills of the canine and their handler in top working condition. Police canines are treated as an officer, just the same as any human officer in the line of duty. In all Police K-9’s and their handlers have no equal or replacement in the duties they can perform.


K-9 "Rocco" and Officer J. Brown