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Zebulon's First Greenway is Built

Zebulon is proud to announce the Town’s first greenway has been completed. It is located in the Weaver’s Pond neighborhood. The greenway is a 10′ wide asphalt trail which runs from Pippin Road to Golden Plum Lane behind the homes on Cattail Pond Drive, Whispernut Lane, Vineyard Ridge Drive, and Sage Tree Drive.The trail surface is suitable for walking, running, biking, and skating. Only non-motorized vehicles are permitted on the greenway.

Weaver’s Pond Development Company installed the greenway during completion of this phase in the neighborhood. The Zebulon Board of Commissioners accepted the greenway on June 13, 2017. The Town of Zebulon Public Works Department will be maintaining the 20′ easement area around the greenway as part of their mowing program.



Pavement Resurfacing and Retreatment Program

On June 8, 2017 the Town of Zebulon contracted with Turner Asphalt Inc. to complete pavement resurfacing and retreatments on ten streets.  N. Wakefield Street (from Gannon Avenue to W. Judd Street) and 200' at the entrance to Pineview will be milled and overlaid with new asphalt.  W. Franklin Street (from Arendell Avenue to Parkside) will receive a slurry seal treatment.  The following streets will receive a cape seal treatment:

  • W. Franklin Street (from Parkside to Stratford)
  • Parkside Place (from Franklin to dead end)
  • Emorywood Court (from Parkside to dead end)
  • Glenn Street (from Arendell to dead end)
  • Smokey Mountain Drive (from Southland to dead end)

E. Sycamore Street (from Poplar to Arendell) and Dulcimer Court will be crack sealed.  Construction is expected to begin mid-July and be completed by mid-October.  For more information on the different types of pavement treatment, please click here. For questions regarding this project, please contact Public Works at 919-269-5285.

City of Raleigh Water Line Replacements Project

Moffat Pipe, Inc. has been hired to construct the Town of Zebulon Water Line Replacements Project. MPI plans to being construction on or around March 1st, 2017 in the E. Glenn Street and Poplar Street area of town. The work will take approximately 270 days to complete. MPI will be replacing the existin water mains along the following streets: E. McIver Street, Derby Place, Poplar Street, Leeds Place, N. Gill Street, Cemetary Road, Gordon Street, W. Gannon Avenue, Stratford Drive, E. Glenn Street, and Alley Way. As construction progresses to the other areas of the town MPI will give notifications approximately seven days before moving to the next street area. For a map of the work areas, click here. For questions, please contact Jason Richardson at 919-795-0375.


City of Raleigh Water Main Replacement Project
City of Raleigh has hired Moffat Pipe, Inc. to install a new 6" ductile iron water line from N. Arendell Avenue along E. Glenn Street to Shepard School Road.  As part of this project, the existing 6" cast iron pipe will be removed.  Moffat will be mobilizing on January 2nd and begin installation on January 3rd.  The project is expected to be complete within 2 months. Please use caution while travelling in this area as crews will be working in the street.  Please direct any questions to Jason Richardson with CORPUD at 919-795-0375 or Mark Pearson with Moffat at 919-422-7661.  Project Area Map


City of Raleigh Water Line Extension Project to Affect Zebulon Traffic

On Monday, December 5th, the City of Raleigh Public Utilities will start construction to extend a 12 inch water line on Mack Todd Road and West Gannon Avenue.  There will be some traffic lane shifts at times during construction; however, two-way traffic will be maintained.  The work is expected to be completed within 3 to 4 months.  This project is one of the city's Capital Improvement Projects.  Customers in this area should not experience any significant interruption of water service.  When limited interruptions are necessary, residents will be notified in advance.  For a map of the work area, click here.  For questions, please contact Jason Richardson at 919-795-0375.


Sewer Easements Explained

City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department (CORPUD) recently sent a brochure in the utility bill which explains sewer easements and how they are utilized and serviced by CORPUD.  To view the entire brochure, click here.


N. Arendell Avenue Access and Operational Improvements Project
Town of Zebulon has hired Volkert, Inc. and Summit Design and Engineering Services to design the following operational improvements to the Arendell Avenue corridor:

  • Dual left turns from southbound Pearces Road onto eastbound Arendell Avenue
  • Signal modifications to allow more time for left-turning vehicles
  • 400' of additional lane on the south side of Arendell Avenue
  • Construction of median for safer access movements
  • New sidewalks along Arendell Avenue
  • Roadway improvements on Jones Street, Hendricks Drive, and a new service road behind Eddins Oil

The geotechnical surveying has been completed for the Paving Analysis Report. The Town completed and received approval to NCDOT Programmatic Categorical Exclusion (PCE) on March 20, 2017. Based on this report, NCDOT has requested a Geo-Environmental Phase I Assessment. The requirement is due to the project proximity to multiple gas stations with underground storage.

Next Steps:

  • 65% Design Drawings and Cost Estimates
  • Lighting Design for Arendell Avenue
  • Completion of Geo-Environmental Report - Phase I & II
  • Subsurface Survey for existing utilities for Potential Conflicts
  • Right of Way (ROW) Acquisition
  • Incorporation of NCDOT 65% Comments
  • Complete Lighting Design for Local Streets
  • Final Design (100%) Submittal to NCDOT
  • Bidding
  • Concurrence of Award by NCDOT
  • Construction - 9 months
  • Project Closeout

Public meetings will be held for the 100% design phases.  If you have any questions regarding this project, please call Public Works at 919-269-5285 or Planning at 919-823-1810.


 Stormwater Volunteers Needed

Look for "Mr. Drip" and upcoming opportunities to protect our stormwater system.  Zebulon Public Works is seeking citizen volunteers to participate in Stormwater Management activities.  Anyone wishing to volunteer for a citizens stormwater group may contact Zebulon Public Works at 919-269-5285.



If you have any questions concerning a news item or event, please contact Zebulon Public Works at (919) 269-5285.