Q: I have heard I can get free mulch from the Town. How do I get it?
Each year, Public Works makes mulch from tree limbs collected during the weekly yardwaste pickup. Any excess mulch is made available to the residents of Zebulon while it lasts.  Residents must sign a waiver form permitting home delivery of the mulch.   Forms may be mailed/delivered to Zebulon Public Works at 450 E. Horton Street or faxed to 919-269-2617.   Residents may also obtain a form at the Finance Department on the first floor of Town Hall at 1003 N. Arendell Avenue.

Q: When is yardwaste pickup scheduled for my street?
Yardwaste pickup occurs every 2 weeks. Click for a copy of the yardwaste map or for a copy of the Yardwaste Calendar 2017-2018.  Printed copies of the calendar/map are available at Town Hall and at Public Works.

Q: I have some bulky items which will not fit in my garbage cart. Will the Town pick up these items?
If you have large bulky trash, such as furniture or appliances, which cannot be picked up with your regular trash, please place the items on the right-of-way before 7:00 a.m. on Friday for pickup by public works staff. Please be sure to place items away from power lines, trees and mailboxes. This service is provided to all residential dwellings at no additional charge. However, the Town will not pick up items that cannot be taken to the landfill.  

Q: How should I place my garbage and recycling carts at curbside?
Please place your garbage cart and recycling cart approximately 2-3 feet apart with the lid opening to the street. This allows the mechanical arms to get between the carts for easier pickup. Of course, never put your carts next to your mailbox or under low hanging trees or power lines.

Q: What is the holiday schedule for trash pickup?
There are 5 annual holidays which can affect your household solid waste and recycling pickup day. Those holidays are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Christmas Day. If any of these holidays occur on Monday, your household waste will be collected on Tuesday. During other holidays, your pickup day follows the regular schedule. Please have your garbage cart and recycling cart at the curb on Sunday evening.

Q: My trash/recycling was not picked up. Who do I call?
Please call Public Works at 919/269-5285 as soon as you notice your pickup was missed.

Q: After my trash was collected this week, my garbage cart was broken and/or missing? How do I get a replacement cart?
Occasionally, the contractor will damage a cart during collection and take the damaged cart with him. If the collector does not take a broken cart, leave the cart on the right-of-way. Please call the Public Works Dept. at 919/269-5285 and request a replacement cart.

Q: I need an additional trash or recycling cart. Who do I call?
Additional trash carts are available for $10.62/month. Additional recycling carts are available for $3.46/month. Please call Public Works at 919/269-5285 to arrange for delivery and billing.

Q: How do I dispose of construction debris, treated lumber, old decking, fence posts, hazardous waste, etc?
Construction debris and hazardous waste cannot be picked up by the Public Works staff. Hazardous waste and some construction debris may be taken to the Wake County Multi-Material Drop-Off Facility or Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility in Raleigh. Construction debris not allowed at the Multi-Material Drop-Off Facility may be donated or disposed of at a private facility. For more information on disposing of these items, please contact the Wake County Solid Waste Management Division at 919/856-7400 or on their website at www.wakegov.com/recycling.

Q: Who do I call to remove a dead animal beside the road?
A: Please call Public Works at 919/269-5285 to report dead animals.  If the carcass is on a town-maintained street, we will remove it.  If it is on an NCDOT-maintained street, we will report it to their office for removal.

Q: Who do I contact to start/stop water service or if I have a problem with my water bill and/or service?
The City of Raleigh maintains the municipal water and sewer system for Zebulon residents. For billing inquiries, call 919/996-3245. For water maintenance, call 919/996-3245.  For sewer maintenance, call 919/996-3245.  For after hours emergencies, call 919/996-3245.

Q: The street light outside of my home/business is not working properly. Who do I call?
Please note the street pole number (metal tag on pole) and call Public Works at 919/269-5285. We will report the malfunction to Duke Energy Progress. We will need to know if it is cycling off and on or if it is completely out. To report it directly to Duke Energy Progress, click here.

Q: Are rain barrels and/or composters available?
Yes, you can purchase an 80 gallon rain barrel for $90.00 and/or a composter for $86.00. Once payment is received by the Finance Department at Town Hall, a rain barrel will be delivered to your residence within the city limits by Public Works. Composters fit in most vehicles for easy transport to your residence.

Q: How much are stormwater fees and what do they pay for?
A: Zebulon Board of Commissioners adopted the stormwater fees as part of the FY2015 budget.  The fee structure is:
$2.00 Residential per month
$7.00 Small Non-Residential (up to 10,000 sf) per month
$38.00 Medium Non-Residential (10,000 - 45,000 sf) per month
$92.00 Large Non-Residential (greater than 45,000 sf) per month
These fees cover the capital costs of the stormwater program.  These fees do not cover personnel costs.  For more information on the stormwater program, please see our Stormwater page under Public Works.

Q: Who provides water and sewer services to Zebulon residents?
The City of Raleigh provides water and sewer to Zebulon.  To set up a new account, please call the City of Raleigh billing department at 919-996-3245. Click here to read the City of Raleigh Water Consumer Confidence Report. For maintenance issues with the water or sewer, please call City of Raleigh Water/Sewer Maintenance at 919-996-3245.