Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping is an integral part of our Stormwater Plan to reduce pollutants and sediment from entering our storm drainage system which eventually drains to surrounding creeks and Little River.  On an average day, with average debris and a sweeper in good condition, we expect we can sweep approximately 15 curb miles in an 8-hour day.  This allows approximately 1.5 hours to complete pre and post trip inspections of vehicle/equipment, service daily greasing points, get fuel and water for the truck, and clean the hopper after sweeping.

Sweeping Program Goals:
1.  Main thoroughfares (Gannon Avenue, Arendell Avenue and Shepard
     School Road will be swept a minimum of 26 times per year.
2.  Collector and all residential streets will be swept at least once per month.
3.  The downtown business district will be swept weekly (typically at night or early mornings
     due to traffic)
4.  Parking lots located at the Zebulon Municipal Complex, Zebulon Community Center,
     and Zebulon Public Works are swept weekly during the mowing season.

Extra sweeping is completed for special town events, such as the annual Christmas Parade, Fourth of July at Five County Stadium and other events.  If you have any questions regarding our street sweeping program, please contact the Zebulon Public Works department at 919/269-5285.