Snow and Ice Removal

The goal of the Town of Zebulon's emergency snow removal is to keep major roadways passable for emergency response vehicles and vehicles equipped with all-weather tires, snow tires, or chains.  Although salt brine is not a panacea for treating roads in all types of winter storms, it is a proven and successful tool that will complement the Town's other snow and ice removal strategies. For thoroughfares, when the roads are not safe due to weather conditions, the Town will declare a "Weather Emergency" and request drivers to stay off Zebulon's roads until appropriate steps can be taken.  Such emergencies would include icy roads, conditions when trees have fallen, and other similar occurrences. The request for citizens to stay off the streets would be made through the Town's website, and local television and radio stations. 

In preparation for inclement weather, the Town has stockpiled 60 tons of salt for icy conditions. The Town has the capacity to make and apply 4,000 gallons of salt brine within 12 hours notice of a pending storm.  The Town also has 3 trucks equipped with plows and 2 equipped with salt spreaders. We have a backhoe, a skid steer,  tractors, and four-wheel drive vehicles, all available for use during inclement weather.  Town staff checks the vehicles and equipment periodically throughout the winter season and makes any necessary repairs before inclement weather arrives.

 First Defense to adverse winter weather is the application of salt brine to streets

  • Salt Brine is a mix of water and salt to a salinity of 23%
  • It is applied up to 72 hours in advance of an approaching winter storm
  • The brine changes the freezing point of water from 32º to -6º.

At 2” of snow accumulation on the roadways, the Public Works Department will begin snow removal operations. The priority of street clearing/treating is as follows:

     1a.  Transportation corridors – i.e., Arendell Ave. (Hwy 96), Gannon Ave. (Hwy 97)
     1b.  Police Station, Fire Station, and EMS parking lots
     2.  Town Hall, Community Center, and Public Works parking lots
     3.   Connector Streets - i.e., Pineview Drive, Wedgewood Avenue
     4.   Residential Streets - i.e., W. Lee Street, Stronach Avenue

Snow and Ice Removal from sidewalks is the responsibility of occupants or tenants of improved property and owners of vacant property with abutting sidewalks. Business owners in the Downtown Central Business District are encouraged to remove snow and ice from sidewalks. Due to priority levels, manpower availability and budget limitations, it may be near the end of the storm event before sidewalks can be cleared. As time and staffing allow, the downtown business corridor sidewalks will receive an application of calcium chloride to reduce snowfall buildup.