The Zebulon Police Department has developed a new bicycle unit. For many years officers have been patrolling in cars. With the implementation of this unit we have another way of communicating directly with the public. Officers for this unit have successfully completed a certified bicycle course.

The unit is responsible for the bicycle registration; where children and adults can register their bicycles with the Police Department. This will consist of an identification mark on the bicycles, a photo, and the parent/owner's information. In the event that a bicycle is lost or stolen, it will be an investigative tool to help locate the bicycle and return it to the proper owner.

Several functions for the unit at this time will consist of mobile security around high pedestrian events such as Zebulon Night Out, Zebulon Christmas Parade, Arts in the Park, and other community events. This unit will also be conducting bicycle rodeos for children of all ages to come, participate, and learn safety and rules of the road. 

For more information contact Sergeant J. Bridges at 919-823-1828 or email