Fire Inspection FAQ's

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Town of Zebulon Fire Inspection program. This page is designed to provide Zebulon Businesses some basic information about the Fire Inspection program.


The Fire Prevention Code is a set of minimum mandatory fire safety standards that apply to all occupancies in North Carolina except one and two family dwellings. The Fire Prevention Code is uniformly enforced in all areas of the State. The fire code primarily regulates:
1. General Precautions Against Fire
2. Fire Protection Requirements
3. Electrical Safety
4. Exits and Egress Maintenance
5. Flammable Liquid Safety
6. Other Specialized Operation Safety Requirements


The Town of Zebulon Fire Inspection Office will immediately respond to any complaint from the N.C. Governor’s Firesafety Hotline ( 1-800-662-7952 ) and complaints made to our office. Otherwise, inspections are made following the State mandated minimum inspection schedule:
Once every year: Hazardous, Institutional, Residential, Assembly Occupancies
Once every 2 years: Industrial and Educational Occupancies
Once every 3 years: Business, Storage, Mercantile Occupancies, and Churches.
The fire inspectors will also assist building inspectors on new construction projects.


All persons who enforce the State Fire Prevention Code are certified to do so by the North Carolina Code Qualifications Board. Each inspector that you work with has undergone extensive education and experiences to provide you with top quality service.
Not only are our inspectors certified to perform fire inspections, each are certified as a North Carolina firefighter. This enables us to bring you a clear understanding of fire behavior.


An inspector calls upon businesses within our inspection area. Upon arrival, the inspector asks for the owner, manager, or safety officer. After greetings, the two survey the premises. Then a systematic inspection occurs whereby a listing of code violations is determined by the inspector. Each item is thoroughly explained to the owner, manager, or safety officer. Priority items are identified. Imminent hazards must be corrected immediately! A reinspection date then will be set for the inspector to return. This reinspection date will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

The owner/operator will sign an inspection form and a copy will be left as a record of the inspection. When the inspector returns for the reinspection date all violations must be corrected. If corrections have not been properly abated there will be a fine per violation and a hourly rate will also be charged for the reinspection.


Charges are based on a fee schedule designated to recover a portion of the cost of operating the Fire Prevention Code Enforcement Program. In the event there are no violations discovered or if the business owner corrects violations before the reinspection date, there is no charge for our services. However, if the business fails to make corrections before the mutually agreed upon reinspection date, the business will be charged per outstanding violation, and an hourly rate for the reinspection will be applied.

Permit fees may also apply. Any and all fire protection permits required must be approved and issued prior to actual construction, installation or alteration of the particular system. Permits include, but not limited to, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, private hydrants, hood suppression systems, fire pumps, etc. All fire protection permits are issued at the Zebulon Fire Department. Failure to obtain a permit before commencement of work will result in a $50.00 fine per day from the first day of work until the proper permit is issued. All charges and fees will be collected by the Town of Zebulon Finance Department at 1003 N. Arendell Avenue, Zebulon N.C. 27597. 

To schedule an inspection please call 919/269-6487.

The current fee schedule as adopted by the Town of Zebulon Board of Commissioners can be viewed by clicking on the link.