Civil Citations

Civil citations are given for violations of local town ordinances. These citations are used in lieu of a State Citation due to the costs being less expensive and to help keep individuals from having to appear in criminal court, in Raleigh.


When issued a civil citation from a Zebulon Officer, it states on the citation that the penalty must be paid within 10 days. If you wish to appeal the citation, notification must also be received within the 10 day period. If an individual does not comply with the civil penalty by paying it within 10 days or filing an appeal, they will then be issued a state citation for the violation in addition to the civil citation. State Citations are handled in criminal court and include the penalty for the violation as well as a $190 court cost. If an individual does not comply with the state citation a Failure to Appear warrant will be issued.


When a person receives a civil citation they are given an option to appeal the citation. In order to appeal the decision the individual will notify the Police Department of the request to appeal. The appeal request and an appeal fee of $25 are to be sent or brought to the Zebulon Town Hall. The notice and fee are to be paid within 10 days of receiving the citation. Once the appeal fee is paid a date will be given for an appeal hearing. The hearings are conducted at the Zebulon Town Hall in front of a board of appointed members. If the individual wins the appeal, the $25 appeal fee will be returned to them on that date. If the individual looses the appeal, the $25 appeal fee is kept and the individual must pay and remaining balance of the civil penalty on that date.