Q: When are ages determined for specific sports?
A: That varies from sport to sport:

  • Youth Baseball- May 1 of the current year
  • Youth Softball- January 1 of current year
  • Youth Basketball- January 1 of current year

Q: My child wants to play with his/her friends in an older age group. Will you let them do this?
A: No. All children are expected to play within their appropriate age group. We feel they will develop better and have a better chance of success if we are consistent with this rule.

Q: My child is almost old enough to play Tee Ball. Can we bend the rules just a little and let them play this year?
No. We try to keep all children in their appropriate leagues. If we let one family play early, we would have to let all families play early.

Q: Are all practices and games held in Zebulon?
All practices for all leagues are held in Zebulon. As your children get older (typically around age 9) some of your games may be held in other areas of eastern Wake County. Examples include Wendell, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wilders Grove, and Knightdale.

Q: My child is not very good at sports. Will he/she be allowed to participate?
All athletic leagues can become somewhat competitive. However, we do have mandatory participation polices in place for all of our leagues. It is our belief that every child deserves a chance to play and we will work hard to make sure that every child gets that chance.

Q: I have always wanted to coach. Do you have openings for volunteers?
Absolutely! The success of our programs are predicated on the support of our volunteers. We will train you and provide you with all of the appropriate materials. All you have to do is be willing to have a good time with your children.

Q: What is the one thing that I might not understand about youth athletics?
Studies have shown that about 60% of children have quit playing recreational sports by the age of 12. Why? It is simply not fun to them anymore? ZPRD challenges you not to worry about making your child the next superstar. Have fun with them when they play and laugh at mistakes and then work to correct them. And lastly, don't forget to go get ice cream when the game is over. We promise you, if you take this approach, you and your family will get more out of youth sports.

Q: Does the Town of Zebulon have a public swimming pool?
No, the nearest public pool is owned and operated by the Town of Knightdale. There is a membership pool located on West Glenn Street in Zebulon as well as a pool at the Zebulon Country Club.

Q: Is there a youth football program in Zebulon?
Yes, the local youth football program is conducted by the Zebulon Football Booster Club and is not affiliated with the Town of Zebulon. Their contact number is 919/518-6523.

Q: Can athletic fields be rented and reserved?
Yes. Fees vary for the facilities and services needed. Please call 919/823-1815 for more information.

Q: How do I register for a program if I am unable to get a form from the website?
You may stop by the Parks and Recreation Administrative Office (1003 N. Arendell Ave) or the Zebulon Community Center (301 S. Arendell Ave) and pick up a form. You can also request a form be mailed, faxed, or emailed or access it in the forms section of this website.

Q: How do I reserve a park shelter for a birthday party or family reunion?
Simply complete the park reservation form from online and call 919/823-1815 to see if the desired date is available. Your date will be reserved after your fee and reservation form have been received by office staff. Forms are also available in the Parks & Recreation Administrative office (1003 N. Arendell Ave).

Q: How do I find out about upcoming and ongoing programs with Zebulon Parks & Recreation?
Pick up a quarterly program brochure at the Zebulon Community Center (301 S. Arendell Ave) or at the Administrative Office (1003 N. Arendell Ave) or access a copy of the brochure on this website. Give your email address to a ZPRD staff person to be added to our email database to receive information by email. Click here for the Program Brochure

Q: How do I reserve space at the Zebulon Community Center?
Complete the Community Center Rental Application and Rental Policy from online and call 919/823-0432 to see if the desired date is available. Your date will be reserved after your fee and form have been received by the Community Center Coordinator. Forms are also available in the Zebulon Community Center office (301 S. Arendell Ave). Click here for form.