Most Zebulon Parks & Recreation Department facilities are available for rent to the public. Four parks have Picnic Shelters that are ideal for youth birthdays and family gatherings. Also available for rental is the Zebulon Community Center. With diverse space, the center offers a variety of potential uses sure to fit your needs such as business meetings, banquets, and birthday celebrations.

Picnic Shelters:

Please call for more information or to see if your desired rental date is available (919-823-0432)

Whitley Park
Zebulon Elementary School Park
Wakelon School Park                                                                                                                                            

$30 Resident (3 hours)                       $60 Non-Resident (3 Hours)                                                                            Additional Hours - $10 Per Hour          Additional Hours - $20 Per Hour

Zebulon Community Park Picnic Shelter                                                                                                             

$40 Resident (3 hours)                     $80 Non-Resident (3 hours)                                                                              Additional Hours - $10 Per Hour        Additional Hours - $20 Per Hour


Whitley Park 601 N. Wakefield Street
Zebulon Community Park 401 S. Arendell Avenue
Zebulon Elementary School Park 1002 Dogwood Drive
Wakelon School Park 8921 Pippin Road

Baseball, Soccer, & Multipurpose Fields

$30 per hour resident/ $45 per hour non-resident

$90 half day Resident/ $125 half day Non-Residents (4 hours)

$150 full day Resident/ $200 full day Non-Residents (8 hours)

$60 field preparation

$35 per hour for lights $50 per hour non-resident

Tennis Courts (Whitley Park)

$25 Per Hour Resident $40 Per Hour Non-Resident

Basketball Courts (Community Park)

$25 Per Hour Resident $40 Per Hour Non-Resident

Zebulon Community Center:

301 S. Arendell Avenue; Please call 919/823-0432 for more information.

Hourly Rates

Area available for rental Town of Zebulon Resident Non-Resident
Classroom A or B $15 per hour $25 per hour
Classroom C (arts and crafts rm) $25 per hour $40 per hour
Activity Room A or B $25 per hour $40 per hour
Kitchen (warming) $25 per hour $40 per hour
Gym (Basketball) $60 per hour $90 per hour
Gym (Volleyball) $60 per hour $90 per hour
Youth Birthday(12 and under, activity room and gym) Max 30 People $160 (two hours) $190 (two hours)
Large Room Assembly $75 per hour $125 per hour
Large Room Banquet (w/kitchen) $100 per hour $150 per hour
Large Room w/ alcoholic beverage (w/kitchen) $150 per hour $225 per hour
Audio / Video Equipment $25 per event $40 per event


After Hours Staffing Rates
All approved rentals during times other than normal hours of operation, operation of audio/video equipment, and/or rentals using alcoholic beverages, will be charged $20 per hour per staff person in addition to the rental fees.

Set Up and Break Down Fee
Setup and Breakdown of event by Town staff is subject to a charge of $60 per hour.

Facility Cleaning Rates

Number of Participants: 1-150 150+
  $125 $175